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"Contrary to popular belief, you may actually get to know me better through my oftentimes eccentric makeup, hair, or nail choices. It is always my voice, my statement for the day.

And my style is in constant metamorphosis.  


Being over the top or 'extra' is often mistaken for a mask or some sort of a disguise to hide behind.

I am the bells and whistles.

Adornments included. 


Gaudiness is not my veil, it is my exclamation."

Kayla has been a makeup artist and licensed esthetician since 2012. She was a NYX Cosmetics PRO Artist in 2019 and has earned a multitude of certifications throughout her career such as eyelash extensions and more. Her work diversifies from soft, effortless glam to glitter cut creases to SFX makeup.

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gaudy makeup

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Based in Miami, Florida USA


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